Church of the Ascension

In 1844, the architect Belauzaran built this enormous Neoclassical church on the old site of the Asensio Hermitage. At that time, the Ajangiz cemetery was in the setting of the hermitage, current neighbours of the church.

Iglesia ascensión

San Juan de Lemandaro Hermitage

Situated in the Kanpantxu neighbourhood, it is the best preserved hermitage in the municipality. It is currently dedicated to St. John, though it used to be dedicated to St. Martin.

Ermita San Juan de Lemedaro en Ajangiz

Aristieta Palace

Originally from the 17th century. In another time it was known by another name, House of San Juan Burumuztua, due to the image of the saint that guards its chapel.

Palacio Aristieta en Ajangiz

Walking around Ajangiz

The landscape and peace and quiet of the municipality encourage walking around its neighbourhoods and country houses, amidst pine meadows and understorey, and with views of the valley of the River Oka and of the interior of the county.