Camino Real

The municipality of Busturia has three visible sections of the old court route that joined Bilbao with Bermeo. These three sections are situated in the setting of Madariaga Tower, Etxebarri and Kurtzigane.

Situated in the restored Madariaga Tower, the aim of this centre is to drive conservation and promote the sustainable use of biodiversity and disseminate its knowledge. Read more

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Asunción de Ntra. Señora Parish Church

The date of its foundation is not known, but the 16th century seems to be the most likely date for its execution. It has a pretty Gothic door and consists of a nave with a dome, a chapel and tomb, a large “Catholic Monarchs” style gate and a semi-detached house. Next to the church is the Humulladero Hermitage, declared a historic artistic monument.


Chirapozu Palace

It dates from the 18th century and is an example of the bourgeois architecture of the time.



From the 18th century, the town’s ways were populated with vines, including the Camino Real. Both sides of the way had stone pillars with wooden beans in the upper part that held the vine. They can still be seen.


Bird observatory

Its location becomes an exceptional place for birdwatching. You will find an observatory in the San Cristobal sandy area.