Tradition and quality

Anchovy fillets from the Cantabrian Sea and Spanish white tuna, two exquisite specialities of our canneries. Tradition and economic activity united and visitable. Take part in interesting guided visits to canneries.

The Bermeo cannery plants are very well known, on the one hand because they are very traditional and on the other because the quality of the products prepared is unbeatable:


Here you can visit the production plant in Bermeo (Biscay) and see the entire preparation process of the traditional preserved Spanish white tuna.
Telephone: (+34) 946 186 667

Conservas Campos

The know-how of Campos dates back to the early 20th century and is the legacy of the self-taught, pioneering families from Bermeo. They’ve kept improving and growing every day since then to bring all the goodness of the sea to people’s tables.
Telephone: (+34) 946 187 072

Conservas Serrats

Since 1890, they’ve been using the best raw materials, like Albacore tuna and top quality anchovies, to bring the delicious freshness and flavour of products from the Cantabrian sea into people’s homes.
Telephone: (+34) 946 187 280 – 607 289 852


This company, in Bermeo since 1926, offers tastings and guided visits at its facilities.
Telephone: (+34) 946 186 318