Seasonal fish is the speciality of its restaurants. If you can, try the traditional txipirones.

Parking is free, both in the high zone and in the port. But you can also come by bus, which will drop you off in the high part of town, where you can see the turntable platform working.


Elantxobe has two approach roads that fork at its entrance. One goes as far as the port and the other as far as the lookout, some 266 ft above port level.


– LINE A3513 (Bilbao-Hospital Galdakao-Gernika-Lekeitio)
– LINE A3513 (Lekeitio-Gernika-Hospital Galdakao-Bilbo)
– LINE A3513 (Gernika-Laida-Laga-Ibarrangelu) ofrece servicio de autobús en el municipio de junio a septiembre.


Location: l= 43-24.2 N L= 02-38.4 W
Tidal range: 14.7 ft
Entry mouth:
  • Width: 39.3 ft
  • Draught: 8.2 ft
  • Orientation: NW


  • 29.8 miles from Loiu Airport
  • 29.8 miles from Bilbao
  • 9.3 miles from Guernica
  • 64 miles from Donostia
  • 47.8 miles from Vitoria-Gasteiz
  • 93.2 miles from Biarritz


San Nicolás de Bari Church

It was created by the Guild of Fishermen in 1803 with the purpose of protecting fishermen who fished in its waters. It is in the high part of town, on one of the scant flat areas that Elantxobe has. The simplicity of the architectural complex, imposed by the guild’s financial limitations, is maintained in its furniture.

The most interesting feature, due to its quality, is the Baroque, gold wooden main altarpiece. Also of great beauty and quality is the door of the ambry. The wall supporting the bell tower was covered by a side wall to make a fronton.

On the side walls of the main altarpiece are two images on stands of San Antonio de Padua and San Diego de Alcalá, from the Franciscan convent on Izaro Island that no longer exists.

Lookout Viewpoint

Viewpoint that you will find half way between the high part and the port. Don’t forget your camera because you’ll want to immortalise this wonderful panoramic view. From the viewpoint a simple trail takes you to the port.

Turntable platform

Ingenious and simple mechanism that solves the problem of buses turning. Big solutions for big problems! This is what happened in Elantxobe, because this turntable platform, built in 1991, makes the day-to-day lives of the town’s inhabitants easier by enabling the bus to go as far as the port, and has also become an improvised tourist resource. If you want to see it working, come to Elantxobe by bus or check the timetable!


It is open to the sea and while in recent years its fishing and txalupas boats have been replace with recreational boats, it is still a fishing port. It is an ideal place to stroll by the sea, listen to the wild Cantabrian Sea and look up at the amazing and unique staggered layout of the town. You can enjoy a pleasant environment at the port’s hostel establishment with delicious pintxos that you will love. In summer, everything becomes busier and it is usual to see locals enjoying the sun, laying on their hammocks or on the concrete part of the quay, and taking a dip.

Passage to Ogoño

A 1-mile tour that connects two outstanding points of Urdaibai, Elantxobe Port and Ogoño Cape. Classified as cultural ecological hiking, you will enjoy the Cantabrian holm oak, exceptional views and the satisfaction of completing a walk that includes a significant slope.

Cabo de Ogoño