Santa María de Idibaltzaga Church

It is located in Eleizalde and is quoted in the Municipal Charter of Guernica in 1366. It was rebuilt in 1550, when an untainted body known to be miraculous appeared in a tomb and is still preserved. Separated from the body, a hand is kept in a silver glove.

Iglesia Errigoitia

Santa Cruz Hermitage

We can find this hermitage on Mount Bizkaigane. It is a popular construction, though probably built on another that was the centre of a High Medieval necropolis. Proof of this would be the tomb reused as construction material, as well as the sarcophagus that is in the corner facing the portico.

Errigoiti ermita santa cruz


It is in the Metxikas neighbourhood and is Neoclassical in style. It is surrounded by a small field with a large number of trees, ideal for families seeking peace and quiet and outdoor spaces.