Esencias Urdaibai

Exceptionally delicious products

This is a project that incorporates the local producer, the restaurateur and the customer to highlight and promote Urdaibai’s gastronomy. The result of this initiative are tasty and innovative recipes, always using a local product as the main ingredient, with perfect, original and innovative wine pairings, and giving priority to the sale of products from nearby areas.

Livestock businesses, orchards and sea products are an essential part of Urdaibai’s culture and economy, and of its landscape. This county, in addition to enjoying an exceptional geographic situation, has a splendid rural environment and a primary sector with a great deal of tradition.

Urdaibai products

Discover and savour the county’s best raw material. We produce in Urdaibai’s orchards with the love and care of expert hands. Our products are on the front line of the Basque Country’s gastronomy.