“Lunes gernikes, kolperik bez” or “Guernica Monday, not a stroke of work” goes the popular saying, which says a lot about the historic importance of the Guernica market. Every Monday, without exception, producers from the county come to this traditional market located in the centre of the locality. It is the best opportunity to buy exceptional tomatoes, beans or peppers from Guernica, and also cheeses, vegetables, fruits, or even clothes, flowers and all manner of accessories.

A lively place which highlights the gastronomic wealth of the county and the work of our local field workers.

And this Guernica Monday is magnificent during October, with the First and Last Monday of October. The first Monday of October, in addition to the traditional market, is when an important livestock show is held. And the last Monday of October is when the market takes to the street to hold a mass agricultural market attended by producers and visitors from all over the Basque Country.