Urdaibai is a county that is easy to access, with good connections by train and bus, and with Bilbao Airport half an hour away. You can choose to arrive by both public and private transport and if you come by boat you can dock in one of our ports.

By road

  • Via Bermeo:   BI631 Bilbao-Mungia-Bermeo / BI2101 Bakio-Bermeo
  • Via Guernica:  BI-635 Amorebieta-Guernica (motorway as far as Amorebieta)
  • Via Mungia: BI 2121Mungia-Guernica
  • Via Lekeitio:  BI-3238 Lekeitio-Guernica


  • A3514 Bilbao – Amorebieta Etxano – Gernika-Lumo
  • A3519 Gernika-Lumo – Mungia
  • A3515 Bilbao – Amorebieta Etxano – Gernika-Lumo – Bermeo,
  • A3513 Bilbao – Hospital Galdakao – Gernika-Lumo – Lekeitio
  • A3523 Bilbao – Hospital Galdakao – Gernika-Lumo – Aulestia – Lekeitio
  • A3524 Bermeo – Bakio
  • A3527 Bilbao – Mungia – Bermeo

Public Transport

You can get a Barik card and use it to pay for the train and the bus. The system is convenient and cheaper.ómodo y más barato.


You can go to Bilbao by bus and from there choose your preferred mode of transport to get to Urdaibai.
  • Bizkaibus: Line A3247 Bilbao – Airport (single ticket: €3 or €1.14 with Barik card).
  • Taxi: You can book by telephone (944 800 909) or by filling out the booking form:
    Approximate price to Guernica: €55-60

By boat

  • Bermeo: Bermeo Port is one of the main fishing ports in the Basque Country. It has a recreational wharf in the old port, in the heart of the city, and at the entrance of the wharf, a courtesy wetland area for boats in transit. Number of moorings, 346 + 30 buoys; maximum length, 26 ft (Portu Zaharra); Maximum depth, 10 ft. Location: l= 43-25 N, L= 02-43.4 W
  • Mundaka: The port is small and primarily recreational. It has quays only on the south bank. It has a total of 183 moorings, with a maximum length of 29.5 and a maximum depth of 6.5. Location: l= 43-24.5N L= 02-42W
  • Elantxobe: Traditionally a fishing port that is now home to mainly recreational boats. Depth, 8 ft. Location: l= 43-24.2 N L= 02-38.4 W


It runs along the left edge of Urdaibai, a route of great beauty where you will not be able to take your eyes of the landscape.
  • Line E4: Matiko-Bilbao > Bermeo

Taxi stands:

  • Bermeo: 946 880 922
  • Gernika-Lumo: 946 251 002
  • Mundaka: 609487066
  • Ibarrangelu: 649830312
  • Muxika: 609412930
  • TeleTaxi: 944 102 121

Distances to Gernika

  • From Bilbao, 20 miles
  • Airport, 22 miles
  • 9 miles from the motorway (exit in Amorebieta)
  • 65 miles from San Sebastian.
  • 43 miles from Vitoria-Gasteiz.
  • 74 miles from Hendaia (France)
  • 87 miles from Baiona (France)