Gernika-Lumo and Bermeo are home to the museums of Urdaibai that offer exhibitions linked to the history of this land and to the symbols of the municipalities that house them.

Euskal Herria Museum

This is a museum where you can learn about the cultural, political and historical history of the Basque Country. It is in Guernica-Lumo, next to the Casa de Juntas and the Tree of Guernica, and is housed in the Baroque palace of Alegría. This museum was created by the Regional Government of Biscay to exhibit the cultural, historical and political significance of the region in which it is located and to explain the characteristics of the spiritual community that makes up the Basque Country.

Closed on Mondays
C/ Allende Salazar, 5
Euskal Herria Museum

Gernika Museum of Peace

This is a themed museum dedicated to the culture of peace and human rights. The origin of the museum lies in the fateful bombing the town of Guernica-Lumo sustained in 1937. The reconstruction, forgiveness and peace resulted in this museum. Interactive and with activities for a varied public. Visiting it will leave its mark on you.

Closed on Mondays
Foru plaza,1.
48300 Gernika-Lumo.
Tel.:(+34) 94 627 02 13
Museum of Peace

Fisherman’s Museum

The historic Ercilla Tower, declared a National Monument in 1943, has since 1948 been home to the rooms of the Arrantzaleen Museoa. Here you will share and understand the life and work of Basque fishermen. The museum describes their life and customs, the boats they have used and the techniques they have employed over time for fishing and the selling of fish. We can also learn about the history of the Basque Auxiliary Navy, whose primary core was made up of Basque fishermen.

There is also a space dedicated to learning about the history of Ercilla Tower, a building from the late 15th century, merely urban and commercial and the site of an illustrious family of merchants.

Torre de Ercilla. Torronteroko enparantza.
48370 Bermeo
Teléfono: 946 881 171
museo del pescador