Urdaibai is immersed in an extraordinary landscape and ecological diversity.


From large sandy zones to small coves protected from an inlet, but all with their own charm that you’ll be happy to discover. Beautiful beaches to enjoy not only in summer. You could also take a stroll along the sea shore out of season and breathe in the pure fresh air. Read more


Going out to sea and enjoying this unforgettable experience is a privilege you can enjoy in Urdaibai. Be alert so that you can see them all!


Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve is the place where migratory birds pass through and a zone of great ornithological wealth. There are bird observatories at different points of the tideland, the most outstanding being Urdaibai Bird Center.


Urdaibai looks out to sea and to its valleys. Spectacular settings in which the landscape is the main player. The county’s viewpoints are a good example of some of the most special places situated in this destination. Accompanied at times by sweet hermitages and privileged places that cover an extensive vision of the environment, these viewpoints are unique places that must not be missed. Read more


Local history, nature and culture are the common theme of these routes.  Choose your route!


Recreational areas with all you need to enjoy a lovely day out with a picnic in contact with nature. Read more


Always surrounded by mysteries and legends, the islands and small islands of Udaibai are a good example of this. They are continental islands, that is, at some point in their history they were part of the continent. Read more