In contact with nature, amidst beautiful spots and with the amenities you need to enjoy a day outdoors.

PICNIC AREA Matxitxako

Gaztelugatxe-Matxitxako: It is suitable for hikers and has extraordinary views over San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, Akatz Island and Matxitxako Cape. Its location means that it is a windy zona

  • Amenities: 11 tables, 4 barbecues, parking.
  • Address: Arane Gibelortzaga Auzoa. Bi- 3101 P.K: 33+0560 (Diversion to the right after passing Matxitxako Cape and before accessing the footpath that takes us to San Juan de Gaztelugatxe)

Tala: It is ideal for families. A recreational area in the city, in an area with trees and with views of the sea and Izaro Island.

  • Amenities: 7 tables, 3 barbecues, swings, toilets.
  • Address: Tala s/n. 48370 Bermeo
San Antonio picnic

San Antonio: Picnic area situated next to San Antonio Beach, which is very comfortable for families with kids.

  • Amenities: 8 tables, parking, fountain, kids play area, toilets.
  • Address: Barrio Abiña (The relaxation area is accessed from road BI-2235 that connects Gernika and Mundaka. Take the secondary road BI-4233 up to San Antonio Beach).

San Bartolomé: Beautiful panoramic view with trees at this picnic area that also has a “kirikiñausi,” which is a unique construction that is linked to the country house life and protected the chestnut trees that were in its interior.

  • Amenities: 5 tables, 1 barbecue, parking, fountain.
  • Direction: Take the road BI-3238 that goes from Gernika to Ea, crossing the municipality, in the direction of Bedarona neighbourhood situated to the left. After half a mile, on the right, we find a descent that takes us to this relaxation area that is signed.

Gabika: Small picnic area situated in a beautiful rural setting and ideal for making a stop and recharging batteries.

  • Amenities: 4 tables, 3 barbecues, fountain, parking, kids play area.
  • Direction: Gabika neighbourhood, Ereño-Nabarniz road.
PICNIC AREA zallobante

Zallobante Picnic Area: Just half a mile from Bizkaigane in a spectacular spot with green fields and mountain tops. Ideal for those who enjoy nature

  • Amenities: Tables, barbecues, fountains, parking, football pitch.
  • Direction: Zallobante neighbourhood, 21
Merendero Elexalde en Errigoiti

Elexalde Picnic Area: : Ideal for families seeking a quiet space surrounded by nature.

  • Amenities: 8 tables, 3 barbecues, fountain, parking, kids play area.
  • Direction: Eleizalde neighbourhood

Arboliz: Ideal resting area for families and groups who want to enjoy a day outside.

  • Amenities: 6 tables, water, zones with trees, kids play area, toilets, parking
  • Direction: Arboliz neighbourhood (on the road connecting Ibarrangelu with Natxitua).

Plose: : A green mountainous landscape surrounds this relaxed inland picnic area.

  • Amenities: 4 tables, parking, source, 2 barbecues
  • Direction: Regional road BI-2713 connecting Morga with Larrabetzu.