What better than an atmosphere of nature and sustainability to be enjoyed with kids and for the enjoyment of little ones.

Santimamiñe Cave

This is the most important archaeological site in Biscay and while it is not possible to physically enter the cave, a guided 3D visit allows you to get to know it in its entirety in an absolutely realistic way.  Read more


Oma Forest

An ideal place for playing with your imagination. Paintings on tree trunks that draw human, animal and geometric shapes. An original and different work in a natural setting.  Read more

Ekoetxea Urdaibai

A space to highlight biodiversity and, through exhibitions and educational activities, to raise awareness of the natural environment, all at a site with privileged views.  Read more

ekoetxea urdaibai

Urdaibai Bird Center

Urdaibai Bird Center is a space open to the public. A great bird research centre and a privileged observatory of the tideland, it is ultimately a great live museum of nature where birds set the course. An obligatory stop for ornithology lovers and for all those who enjoy the spectacle of nature. Read more



These are essential places in all towns, where some of our traditional sports are played, such as hand ball or ball with a stick, and where kids have always played. There are still some outdoor ones, like in Ibarrangelu, but more are indoors. In Guernica-Lumo, you will find a place known as “the five frontons”  where you can play and have fun in a natural space and with all types of amenities.

jai alai

San Miguel de Ereñozar

Over the town of Ereño, in a privileged spot of unbeatable views, you will find the “Medieval summit” of San Miguel de Ereñozar. It is advisable to leave the car in town and reach the summit on foot, but there is also a forest track that takes you almost to the summit.  Read more


Topa Bermeo: the most entertaining visit

Discover Bermeo by playing! With this escape game you can get to know the historic centre while playing on the street. A unique opportunity to take a fun self-guided tour with your family and/or friends.

Europa Park:

Europa Park: This is in Guernica-Lumo behind the Euskal Herria Museum and next to the Casa de Juntas. A park with a wide variety of trees, pond and several interesting sculptures. A perfect place to enjoy with kids.
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Europa Park

You can also enjoy the sea and the beach, and the different water activities that are organised on our beaches. Surf, Piragua, Paddle suf…