Santa María de Leguendica Church, in Kanala

There is knowledge of its existence since the 16th century. It consists of a nave with no domes and with five altars, a continuous atrium and tower front. The Santa María de Leguendica Parish Church was founded by the owners of 14 houses, dependents of the parish of Gautegiz Arteaga. These were later joined by 16 houses that had a congregation at San Andrés de Sukarrieta and decided, like the aforementioned ones, to split off from its property.

Iglesia Santa Maria de Legendika

Built in 1787. It consists of a nave with domes, four altars and a tower.

San andres de ibarrangelu

Sukarrieta Botanical Park

On the small island of Txatxarramendi, Urdaibai’s different botanical species can be seen, along with some impressive views of the mouth of the ria.

Sukarrieta Botanical Park

Roman Anchorage Area

The bay and small cove situated at the sea wall of the exit of Portuondo is home to the remains of what between the 2nd and 4th centuries was a Roman anchorage area.

fondeadero sukarrieta