Urdaibai looks out to sea and to its valleys. Spectacular settings in which the landscape is the main player. The county’s viewpoints are a good example of some of the most special places situated in this destination. Accompanied at times by sweet hermitages and privileged places that cover an extensive vision of the environment, these viewpoints are unique places that must not be missed.


San Juan de Gaztelugatxe

Its privileged location, surrounded by islands, cliffs and wild beaches, means that from the summit of this small island the view gets lost amidst an authentic natural beauty. On one side, the open sea and on the other, the cliffs and the amazing bridge that connects the islands with dry land. Read more


San Miguel de Ereñozar

Over the town of Ereño, in a privileged spot of unbeatable views, amidst the vestiges of its walls, landscape and legends, is the “Medieval summit” of San Miguel de Ereñozar. The hermitage is visible from almost every corner of the ria of Gernika and you can make out the mountains of Durangaldea from the summit of Ereñozar. Read more

Mirador San Pedro Atxarre

San Pedro de Atxarre

Valleys and tideland spread out at the feet of San Pedro de Atxarre, with a unique panoramic view. The 15th century hermitage that adorns the summit of Mount Atxarre in Ibarrangelu dominates the landscape covered by the dense Cantabrian holm oak wood and the tideland of Urdaibai, both landmarks of the reserve. You can get there from the Akorda neighbourhood (1,640 feet before reaching the neighbourhood) or from Kanala (ascend San Martin Hermitage). On the way, you are accompanied by ancient legends of witches’ sabbaths and religious miracles.

Vistas desde Santa Katalina

Santa Katalina

Far from the city, over a small promontory next to the sea, is this place that is privileged thanks to the beauty of the setting and its strategic location. It is a tall and large hermitage. The area has been turned into a pleasant leisure zone.

Balcony of Biscay


Viewpoint from which you can enjoy the most mountainous landscape of Urdaibai basin. Situated on the hillsides of Oiz, the Balcony of Biscay is an emblematic enclave from which the forest mass of the zone can be seen in its entirety. There is a legend that recounts that this place was where witches would meet when night fell.

Ermita S. Miguel

San Miguel de Altamira

In the municipality of Morga, we can find this viewpoint with green views of valleys with country houses dotted over the landscape, the blue of the Cantabrian Sea and Mount Sollube, one of the beacon mountains from which people were called in ancient times to meetings to determine laws. Next to the viewpoint is the San Miguel Hermitage. According to tradition, it is extremely old, though the current construction maintains nothing from the original.

Take county road BI- 2121 Gernika-Morga once you are above Gerekiz and take the Andra Mari neighbourhood direction. Turn right and take a neighbouring paved road that takes you to the Oñarte y Meakaur neighbourhood, right after the Duo recreational area. Cross the beautiful Oñarte neighbourhood, following the way until you reach the Altamira viewpoint.



Very near the Metxikas de Errigoiti neighbourhood and crowned by the Santakrutze Hermitage, this small summit offers an immense landscape over Biscay. Surrounded by mountains, the hermitage has experienced, among legends, important episodes of our history. Aita Barandiaran holds stories of the place, where remains of a stele and a sarcophagus can be found that point to a Medieval necropolis. You can get there by vehicle and also by enjoying lovely walks.


This is the northernmost point of the Cantabrian coast. It is an excellent viewpoint over San Juan de Gaztelugatxe and the Basque coast. Here we find two lighthouses: the oldest and the most modern. The first lighthouse was built in 1852 and was in operation until 1909, when the one currently in operation was inaugurated. An observation point for cetaceans and seabirds has been built around the remains of this lighthouse.