Way of St. James

The coastal The Way of St James runs through Urdaibai and is one of the most primitive pilgrimage routes to Compostela and has been around since other more famous ones. The complete route runs between Irún and Santiago de Compostela, and its passage through Urdaibai, amidst areas of high natural value and heritage elements of interest linked to the trail, crosses the following municipalities: Mendata, Arratzu, Ajangiz, Gernika-Lumo y Morga.

The stages of the Way of St. James are marked as follows: From Markina-Xemein to Gernika-Lumo (24.8 km), and from Gernika-Lumo to Lezama (21.8 km).

Hermitages, and beautiful thousand-year oaks emerge along the trail,  beautiful Medieval bridges, pintense green landscapes, historical and monumental churches, emblematic towns that carry enormous historical weight and mountainous landscapes dotted with hamlets will emerge.

Way of St. James pilgrim