The Wine and Fish Route allows you to cross the Basque Country from south to north, a total of 103 miles amidst different captivating landscapes. This route was used in olden times by muleteers who loaded their mules with fresh fish or salted fish if they were leaving Bermeo port, or wheat, salt, vinegar and wine if leaving from Alava. The last two stages run through Urdaibai.

  • Stage 1. Oyón-Oion – Laguardia (12.2 miles).  
  • Stage 2. Laguardia – Albaina (13.7 miles)  
  • Stage 3. Albaina – Estibaliz (14.3 miles)  
  • Stage 4. Estibaliz – Otxandio (23.3 miles)  
  • Stage 5. Otxandio – Durango (12.1 miles) ) 

Stage 6. Durango – Gernika (29,7 km)

This route takes us to a pretty rural environment, up to the doors of Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve. Several rural neighbourhoods as well as interesting towns pop up along the way, with beautiful examples of traditional architecture.

Bermeo puerto

Stage 7. Gernika – Bermeo (19,2 km)

The last of the stages of the GR-38 is peaceful and quiet. With no great effort, crossing beautiful rural towns and country houses, we will reach the waters of Bermeo Port and you will feel the essence of the immensity of the protected space of Urdaibai.

* The trail can be adapted to the physical abilities of anyone who does it by doing intermediate sections between the ones shown here. Consequently, visitors can do either long, difficult trails or relaxed, simple walks that will surely let them become enamoured with the essence of this historic trail.