Idatze Etxea. Interpretation Centre of the Country House and its Environment

Here is the information point and municipal shelter primarily aimed at pilgrims.


Olazarra Foundry

Old foundry and mill situated in the Marmiz neighbourhood.

Olazarra Foundry

Albiz Palace

An 18th century building on whose main facade you can see the coats of arms of the Albiz and the Allende Salazar.

Albiz Palace

Montalbán House Tower

Situated on a strategic hill that dominates extensive lands and the old Medieval route to Guernica. It dates from the 16th century and is the only pentagonal tower in the Basque Country.

Torre Montalban

San Miguel Arcángel Church

Built in the 10th century on a hill with beautiful views and extended in the 16th century. It is Gothic Renaissance in style and at its portico there is a stone table that serves as a meeting point.



Viewpoint from where you can enjoy the most mountainous landscape of the Urdaibai basin. Situated on the hillsides of Oiz, the Balcony of Biscay is an emblematic enclave from where the forest mass of the area can be seen in full. There is a legend that says that this place was where witches would meet when night fell. From here you will enjoy a great panoramic view of Biscay, and a pretty summit that will make up for the climb if you ascend on foot. You can also ascend by car.

Balcony of Biscay