Tree of Gernika and Casa de Juntas

This was the place where Basque politicians and lords met to decide the future of our town. And today it is the place where the Lehendakari is sworn into office. A pretty architectural complex full of history, the place where regional laws were established that turned Guernica into the cradle of Basque freedoms. Read more

arbol de Gernika

Euskal Herria Museum and Park of the Peoples of Europe

The Baroque Alegria Palace is home to this museum, which is essential for learning about the history and culture of the Basque Country. Next to the museum, at the back, we can enjoy a large park that combines nature and art: a wide range of bushes and trees, which include beech trees, oaks, holm oaks and river vegetation, the four ecosystems of the Atlantic Basque Country. A small forest that is home to large sculptures by international artists, such as “Gure aitaren etxea” by Eduardo Chillida, “Large Figure in a Shelter” by Henry Moore and the bust of Humboldt, a studious linguist of the Basque Language. Read more

Museo Euskal Herria

Mural “El Guernica”

In the middle of the street we can find a replica of the work by Pablo Picasso “El Guernica.” A huge ceramic mural that faithfully represents the original work and that vindicates its transfer to the regional town.

Mural Gernika

Air raid shelters

Gernika had several public and private shelters, with capacity for 3000 persons. Today they are preserved and two of them can be visited: the Astra shelter that saved the lives of those who sheltered here for more than four hours during the 1937 bombing and the Pasealeku shelter, where you can have a unique experience through the recreation of the bombing, using images and audio material. Read more

refugio gernika

Frontón Jai Alai

Built by the architect Secundino Zuazo, this fronton is where the fastest sport in the world is played: cesta punta, also known as Jai Alai. A true spectacle at a unique building. Read more

jai alai

Gernika Market

Meeting point for producers and the general public for the sale and purchase of our best gastronomic products. It is held every Monday in a wonderful atmosphere. Read more


Museum of Peace

It opened its doors in 1998 in response to a movement of forgiveness and peace that emerged after the bombing. Its main purpose is to disseminate a culture of peace, with exhibitions and educational activities for everyone. Read more

Museo de la paz